Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Superman Will Have Peace. Even if it Means Killing a Few Unarmed Men.

There will be many posts in which I say, "Superman is such a jerk."  But I will back it up with hard evidence.

I give you Exhibit "A":

It's pretty obvious that "or else" doesn't mean anything good, right?  So, Clark follows these guys right to their hideout:

And that's literally all Clark does.  He "keeps it in mind."  Does he keep an eye on these guys?  Does he keep an eye on the professor?  Nope.  He just "keeps it in mind."

And then:

First, "I'll be blowed" is an expression I don't think it going to catch on.  I think it's a variation on "well, blow me down," which is really only appropriate if you're Popeye the Sailor.  In any event, you will make people around you uncomfortable if you go around saying, "I'll be blowed," so please don't.

Secondly, way to let the guy get murdered, Clark!

Yeah, it's a shame you didn't see that coming.  You know, it's not like they threatened him with harm or anything.


But after being too wimpy to handle a few mobsters, Superham has no problem doing this:

Hey... Is that guy in the blue suit James Lipton?  I think it is!

So, Superman won't interfere with the activities of a murderous gang, but he'll threaten the lives of diplomats.

Hmmmmm... for someone who couldn't even handle a few mobsters, Superham is pretty quick to throw his weight around against guys who he knows won't fight back.

Superman is a jerk.

See you tomorrow!

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