Monday, July 27, 2015

In Which Superman Fights an Alligator. You're Welcome.

Hey!  It's time to see Superman fight an alligator, courtesy of Superman #9!

Yeah, it's basically the same three moves Superman does every time he has to fight some sort of beast, but... Superman fighting an alligator, right?

Check it out:

It'll still be few issues before we are officially introduced to Jimmy Olsen in the comics (he actually first appears in the Superman radio program), but I'm thinking this is the first true sighting of Jimmy.  Many folks think this was Jimmy's first appearance, but unless Jimmy bleached his hair the first time, I'm thinking this is the one.

Random Slap! (tm!)

Even though Clark has to be rolling with it, I'm surprised that guy doesn't have a broken hand.

Here's more reasons not to mess with Metropolis PD:

To review: Officers don't know who is in the car or what the occupants may or may not be guilty of, but the choose to open fire on said vehicle.  For all they knew, the guy had a suspended driver's license.  But that's Metropolis PD, and you don't cross Metropolis PD.

I'm thinking brown was the color for suits back in the day.

We laugh about the disguising power of eyeglasses when it comes to Clark / Superman, but I guess in comics a pair of glasses is practically Spider-Man's mask.

So.... here's something I never thought was a thing:

Really?  I mean, I know they didn't have your cable tv and video games and whatnot, but...


Tennis and badminton rackets were so prevalent in 1940's society that you could make money re-stringing them?  I admit that's a market I would have missed out on.

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Someewhere, in some tiny town in the Adirondacks, there is a warehouse overgrown by foliage and inside are all those old badminton rackets and the strings, along with a thousand other items advertised (including about 75,000 copies of GRIT), never to be found. Until after the apocalypse.

Dave Lovely said...

Not just money, either, but 'big' money. That was some racket, that re-stringing rackets racket.