Friday, July 31, 2015

In Which Superman Steals Pearls from an Unfortunate-Looking Woman

My lovelies, it's good to be back!  I know it seems like I wasn't gone, but that's because I had my posts finished a week in advance.  I had a health situation that landed me in the hospital for a couple of days and I'm just now starting to get life back to normal.

Enough of that.  Time to check out Superman #11, which had the first appearance of x-ray vision!

I have been told that the original text may have read "x-ray eyesight."  This panel is from The Superman Archives, so maybe it was changed?  It wouldn't be the first time stuff was altered to fit modern lore, although I kinda wish they wouldn't do that.  When I read a reprint, I want the original experience.

Mind you, they changed the name of "x-ray eyesight" in the reprint but didn't touch this goober:

To be fair, I'm sure snakes are far easier to draw than scorpions.

And now, The Adventures of Superman, Kleptomaniac:

This has been The Adventures of Superman, Kleptomaniac!

Check out this ad for All-Flash Quarterly:

"A Fit Companion to Superman and Batman."

So, are we still talking about the comic?  I mean, the Flash was certainly a fit guy, what with all the running and such.  It sounds like Jay was their butler who did a lot of calisthenics.

See you tomorrow!


wordsmith said...

Adam, I'm glad to hear you're doing better.
Maybe Siegel and Shuster thought a scorpion was a variety of snake.

Adam Barnett said...

Thank you, wordsmith! And it could be one of those rare legless-clawless-stingerless scorpions you hear so much about...