Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yes, There was a Bulletdog.

So, we plow into Bulletman #10, with a final comic book look at the original Weeper:

Yes, Bulletdog.  You knew something like this would happen sooner or later.

I'm always in favor of involving a dog in a story, but I'm wondering... if Bulletman can make a collar for the dog that will enable the dog to fly, why didn't Bulletman do it for himself and Bulletgirl?  Considering how often their helmets went sailing off, I would think it should at least be a topic for discussion.

I don't think he sees a lot of action after this, but how can you not love the idea of a flying dog?

Anyway, here is technically what I believe is the last comic book appearance of the original Weeper:

So, what happened?  And who is the Weeper we know of today?

Well, the Weeper would appear again later to face Mary Marvel.  But it wouldn't be the original Weeper.  It would be his son.  Somewhere along the line, this guy dies.  And he doesn't even get a death on-camera.  That's pretty sad indeed.

Well, I would normally say that it's sad, but then I remember that he kicked the dog:

If you kick a dog, you deserve an off-camera death.  Jerk.

And then there was the time Bulletgirl forgot the only thing that keeps her from being completely useless:

And there was also that time she came up with the team "motto":

Is a motto like a battle cry?  Because if that's the case, it's a pretty pitiful one.  "WE NEVER WASTE TIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMEEE!!!!"

 Hey!  Look who came back from the dead!

Yup!  That's Mr. Ego, who I thought for sure was gone forever because he showed that lingering hand-above-the-surface-of-the-water thing that usually means it's too late for penicillin.  What's the explanation for his return?  This comic only cost 10 cents, that's your explanation!

Check out this sad performance by our due: 

Did you see that?  Those two can fly themselves at considerable speed, and they didn't even try.  And the Chief calls them on it!  That, my friends... is awesome!

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Not to poke holes in the Crackpot's plan, but wouldn't clinging to the tail of a rocket but you directly in the stream of fire the rocket lets off as it flies?

SallyP said...

There is just something so appealing about a man in a monocle and carrying a cane!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

You have to admit, Bulletman had a decent rogue's gallery for a lesser known hero. I'm talking like a rogue's gallery for, say Alan Scott, Green Lantern.

And come ON, Adam. You just want Bulletgirl in a collar! I think what Unknown says holds true, they didn't go looking for the bad guy because they knew his face would burn off as he escaped.

Adam Barnett said...
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Adam Barnett said...

Actually, I was more interested in seeing Bulletdog in a helmet, because that would have been hilarious.