Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In Which We Learn the Value of Registering Trademarks via Guys Who Call Themselves "The Eel"

It's very confusing for me to navigate Lightning Comics, but according to comics.org , this is V2, #6... just in case you found this post so awesome that you had to have a copy of the original.

Yup!  It's the Eel!  The origin was simply that he was born with his ability to breathe (and apparently speak) underwater.  He also was very flexible and super-strong.  He also had the innate ability to construct a lightning pistol.  I'm not sure why that was.  But comics were only ten cents, so....

I'm not sure this is the worst nemesis for Flash Lightning.  I mean, if the Eel's offense is a lightning gun, well...  it's going to be an easy day at the office for Flash Lightning, if you know what I mean.

That's about the long and short of things.  The eel can't really do much other than evade, so it's not really spine-tingling entertainment.

Hmmmm... I don't know that "invincible" isn't overselling things a bit.  Thusly:

But then this happened:

And it actually worked.  Flash said it dang near killed him.  And this this happened:

So, two guys with electric powers have a hard time dealing with guys who have electric powers?  COMICS, my friends!

Well, that's expository.  And rather unnecessary.

But check out who the bad guy was in the very next story:

Yes, in the very next story of that very same issue, the Raven fought a completely unrelated villain called "the Eel."  I'm starting to think the folks at Lightning Comics should have held staff meetings.

Oh, well.  Random Slap! (tm!)

See you tomorrow!


Gummboote said...

Since sound carries underwater, if you could breathe there it would presumably be quite possible to talk - although your voice would sound muffled and mumbly. I suppose means that all the dialogue in old Aquaman and Sub-Mariner stories should sound as if everybody had their mouths full and cloth bags over their heads...

Dave Lovely said...
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Adam Barnett said...

Yup! And water is a much better conductor of sound than air is... which is why you'll find ocean vessels using sonar. But as a logistical issue, it seems kinda weird to me that people are having conversations under water... especially when one of them is Flash Lightning, who I didn't think COULD breathe underwater. And why can he???

SallyP said...

My God, there are more butt shots than a Gil Kane Green Lantern book!

This is not...a bad thing.