Thursday, July 30, 2015

In Which We Finally Have Full Frontal Nudity at CMNS

I simply can't wait to share with you the most unfortunate coloring decision in the history of comics, courtesy of Hit Comics #5!




Yeah, that was incredible.  Meanwhile, here's a Saga in Three Panels (tm!) I like to call, "A Typical Day in Juvenile Court."  Thusly:


That came at the tail end of a regular feature in Hit Comics called "Betty Bates: Lady at Law."

No, that's not a joke.  She was a... I don't know, my initial instinct is to call her an attorney, but maybe her official title was "Lady at Law."

She was a lady at law.  I guess.

And I have no DNA proof, however:

It appears she was the love child of Bullseye and the Black Widow.

She was also prone to bringing loaded firearms to court...

... and handing them to defendants.

"Surely," you might think, "she took the bullets out of the gun before she handed them to the suspected murderer on the witness stand."


I'm not sure what the rules of criminal procedure are in whatever state in which she practices, but I'm pretty sure that guy's defense counsel should have been shouting "OBJECTION" at some point.  Not to armchair quarterback anyone, but... you know...

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Reminds me of most days in downtown Chicago. Only I'm thinking more like a meeting at City Hall.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

And who was the naked guy, anyways. Naked Guy at Law would be a great name!

Adam Barnett said...

He was some auto plant worker that Hercules was rescuing. Hercules went around practically naked, so I guess this guy thought he'd do him one better!

Smurfswacker said...

While you're on the subject, I stumbled upon a genuine Naked Guy, full frontal and all, in Amazing Man #8 (1939). Here's a link to the ComicBook+ archive; check out the guy hanging from the wall in page 39 panel 4.

Adam Barnett said...

WOAH! Downloads away!