Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In Which Superman is Conspiring with Your Parents

Finishing up our look at Superman #3, check out this catchy little ditty in its entirety:


Let's see how Clark and Lois are doing:

Lois, did you just... ??

She DID!

She slipped Clark a mickey!  Holy jumping heck, Lois!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Wow.  Clark is taking that a lot better than I would have.

And he stops to strike a pose.  Because that's what Superman does.

But Lois gets hers.  She gets demoted to the "lovelorn" column.  Which apparently means you have to listen to people come in and complain about their love lives:

Have you tried slipping a drug into his drink?  Because I've been known to do that.  Have I mentioned I'm not a licensed therapist?

Speaking of bad advice:

You've got to be careful about blanket statements like, "Do what your parents tell you," because in this case, I think the kid's mother is having him eat an entire pie.  I'm just going with the evidence of my own eyes here.

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Has anyone ever set that Superman song to music? 'Cause I'd kinda like to hear what it sounds like it. I'm having a really hard time imagining the tune.

Adam Barnett said...

You KNOW that someone had a tune in their head when they wrote it. I'd like to hear it as well!