Friday, July 10, 2015

Superman is a Heart-Stopper. Literally.

So, I'm leafing my way through Superman #4, trying to contain my disappointment that, due to strained relations between my country and that and Korea, I will most likely never taste a honey butter chip.  Seriously.  They have figured out how to turn honey butter into a chip, and because of some stupid international diplomacy issue, I have to sit around eating chips made out of potatoes like some kind of chump.


... this is one of Superman's lesser-known powers, and one of the coolest.  I mean, the guy can stop his freakin' heart!  Logistically, it raises questions because... I mean, does he not need to have his blood flowing throughout his body?  If so, why have a heart at all?

Oh, man.  I really set that up, didn't I?  Take it away!....

Superman still hasn't exactly fine-tuned his powers, which makes a certain amount of sense.  Thusly:

Yeah... you don't want bombs falling on innocent people in the street....

... although I'm not sure that large chunks of aircraft debris is really a better option.  I suppose I'd rather dodge falling aircraft debris than deal with a large bomb going off in front of me, but not by much.

Anyhoo, still no flying.

And it really is a becoming a problem, because most of Superman's awkward moments tend to revolve around the fact that he's doing aerial maneuvers without actually being able to fly.  Thusly:

Okay, I see the necessity here... but that just looks silly.  Awesome!

See you Monday!

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Aaron Carine said...

Can you get me that woman's phone number?