Friday, July 3, 2015

Bulletman's Caption Box is the Worst Kind of Superfan

In 1972, we were introduced to a new Spider-Man villain called Hammerhead.  He dressed and talked like a 1920s mobster, but he was more known for having an unbreakable skull:

No, this ish wasn't his first appearance, but it shows you what I mean.

I thought it was a pretty unique idea at the time, but 4 year-old Adam couldn't have possibly known that 30 years earlier, Bulletman fought "The Dome":

At first, I thought he was just a soccer hooligan, but then I saw this:

Yup!  When it comes to Spidey's foe, Hammerhead, we have a case of Recycled Powers! (tm!)

Also in Bulletman #8, we see someone with a familiar name:

... who, of course, easily takes out Bulletgirl, but that's not my point this time:

Yup!  We have the third citing of a "Dr. Destiny"!  Here's a link to when we discussed the other two.

And I'm hoping this isn't a trend, but the caption box is getting a little too involved up there.  And it doesn't stop:

Okay, I really don't need....

Okay, stop.  Just.  Stop.  It's like watching a movie with the commentary enabled.  I don't see the point in that, either.  Yeesh.

See you Monday!

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