Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Readily Believe that is the Largest Snake Captain America has Ever Seen.

So, I was taking a glance at Golden Age Captain America #20....

Okay, but how large can it....

Jitterbugging Jenny McCarthy, that's awesome!

You don't see enough heroes fighting gigantic snakes.  You just don't.

But I can certainly live a happy and fulfilled life if I never see this again:

Yeah.  That happened.

But check out who was behind it:

And nopes, he's not the same Dr. Destiny that has been causing problems for the Justice League since 1961!  We have a Recycled Name here, folks! (tm!)

When you think of Dr. Destiny, you think of this guy:

Clearly, he's more awesome than his Golden Age namesake, but he wasn't the first.  Although neither one of them seemed to actually warrant the name, in that they didn't really affect anyone's destiny any more than the rest of us do.  I mean, the second Dr. Destiny could fiddle with reality, but that's more of a "here and now," thing that only incidentally affects destiny.

I'm overthinking it again, aren't I?

See you tomorrow!


Dave Lovely said...

"Slimy power"? Can i just say that snakes aren't actually...Oh never mind.

Adam Barnett said...

True, Dave! Snakes are dry as toast! Sometimes, comics lead us astray...