Monday, November 17, 2014

In Which Batman Fears Spear Guns and Little Red Kites

 Back to the comic book funhouse!

Dear Batman and Robin,

It isn't as easy as you thought, is it?  Remember that the next time you go off on a Justice League mission and leave me on monitor duty AGAIN.



I would show you more of the Sea Fox story but it was just so dang dull.  The only thing noteworthy about it is that he and his henchmen fired spear guns, which really freaked the boys out:

And I'm not saying that a shot from a spear gun would feel all cottony-soft or anything, but Bats and Robs shouldn't be so skittish, considering they regularly voluntarily place themselves in situations where bullets are flying all over the place.  If having a tommy gun clip emptied in my direction doesn't make me soil myself and run home as quickly as my legs will carry me, I can't imagine that a shot from a spear gun would be my Achilles heel.  I guess everyone has their thing.

Here's the origin of.... ugh... I don't know if I can say it.  Here it is, from Batman #134

If they're the funniest act in show business, I can only tell you that Gotham City must be starved for comedy.

But Danny, being an artist, is misunderstood (as most artists are):

and Danny is apparently a big baby who way overreacts when his feelings are hurt (as most artists are):

But "The Dummy" (whew, I was able to say it) just didn't have the chops to make it as a Batman villain.  For instance, you know how most of the mentally unbalanced people in Arkham Asylum generally kill their own henchmen for the slightest of reasons?  This is what The Dummy does:

Yeah, he kicks you in the shins.  Considering what the Joker has done to some of his cronies, I'd be sticking with the Dummy whether he was paying me plenty or not.  But it's interesting to see such the spiritual ancestor of the awesome Ventriloquist and Scarface:

Now that was a great character.

Then again, Batman didn't always warrant top-shelf villains, you know what I mean?  Exhibit A: This little moment from Batman #133:

Yup.  Batman was taken down by Kite-Man.  With a little red kite.

As much as I love Bats, and I do (for over 40 years now!), let us never forget that the Dark Knight once lost to Kite-Man.  And his little red kite.

See you tomorrow!

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Evil said...

Well Dummy wasn't even kicking one of his henchmen in the shin in that scene. That was Matt, who was the real dummy, remember?