Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Yup.  Just as it says in the title, we look at Batman vs. Thor!  We don't do any of the old "bait and switch" here at CMNS...

Hmmmm.... either Thor had really let himself go back in 1959, or he had nothing to do with the Marvel Comics version of the hero, who is the sole reason Beloved has no problem watching Avengers movies.

But that story had to wait.  First, let's check out the amazing first appearance of 

... okay, never mind.  Back to Thor.

Thor may not have the long flowing blond locks, but he was still a force to be reckoned with:

That's right!  Verily, ye who challenge the God of Thunder shall be on the receiving end of a thunderous Random Slap! (tm!)  And it shall sting!  By Odin, it shall sting!

Well, at least when Marvel would introduce a Thor character later, it would be a completely original concept, what with frail doctor Donald Blake finding the enchanted hammer and transforming into....

..... well, I'll be danged.

Did we mention that this version of Thor slaps you?

Yeah!  Random Slap (tm!) your way into comic book history, Thor.  At least Marvel didn't help themselves to that angle!

See you tomorrow!