Monday, July 20, 2015

Superman is... Uh-HHH!

It's the sixth issue of Superman!  Where did the time go?

This simple cover is an iconic one, but I'm not just putting it on to take up space.  Everything that gets put on CMNS is of upmost critical importance, but you already knew that.

In this issue, Superman got caught mid-identity change, and that's a problem:

But you don't trifle with Superman:

Wow.  Superman was way harsh back in the day!

Yes, he changed back into Clark Kent.  Take note of that, because I'm going to complain about it in a second:

Of course, we know by now that any time someone figures out a hero's secret identity, he's going to meet a completely random demise.  EVERY time.

But see, here's the thing... I'm not sure he actually knew Clark's name when he blundered upon him.  If Superman hadn't been so obliging as to change back into Clark Kent before chasing the guy, it may not have amounted to anything.

But if you learn a hero's secret identity, your days are numbered.  Which brings me back to the cover of this particular issue:

We're all doomed.  Buying this comic was apparently like receiving the black spot in Treasure Island.

See you tomorrow!

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