Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In Which Superman Fights a Purple Dinosaur and... Waitaminute

Let's check out Superman #12.  And just so you'll know it's worth reading, here's Superman fighting  a giant octopus:

CMNS... For all of your Superman-fighting-a-giant-octopus needs.

Time for another installment of Well... Alright, Then (tm!), as Niles gives some of the least helpful advice ever:

Well... Alright, Then! (tm!)

Check it out!

It's the Dionne Quintuplets again!  We last saw them hawking typewriters, remember?

They were that old when they first got candy?  No wonder they looked so miserable all the time.

But check out this bit from the ad:

Wow!  Does Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, M.D. know how to bleed the fun out of candy or what?

Moving on...

Okay, did he really kill the thing by cracking its spine, or did he throw that poor thing wounded into the ocean?  Did it lay there on the ocean floor for decades, waiting for its chance to wreak unholy vengeance upon mankind?

I have my own theories....


See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Evil said...

I'm picturing an ocean liner or a freighter sailing peacefully, minding their own business, and then suddenly a dinosaur falls out of the sky and sinks them.