Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In Which Superman Doesn't Fly, Fights Giant Fish and Kills Another Guy

Superman #14... still over a year away before he'd be flying in the comics.

Let's look at Superman "not flying":

That was Superman not flying.

And here he is fighting a...

Okay, I'm not a marine biologist.  What the heck is that thing supposed to be?  It looks like it's a cross between a swordfish and a shark of some kind.  I don't think the artist had much interest in accuracy, because he just kind of gave up with the next fish:

But that is an awesome sea monster!

Easy now!  I enjoy that thing and want to see it show up again in future issues.  In fact, I want it to have its own monthly title, or at least a backup feature in Action Comics.

And then we see Superman kill a guy:

No, that wasn't Luthor, which kind of surprised me.  It seemed like whenever there was a new villain, the big reveal was always something along the lines of "GASP!  IT'S LUTHOR!"  Like it mattered.  Lex Luthor was scarier than any fake alias he might have used.

But despite the physical similarities, that wasn't Luthor.
And he's dead.  Superman killed him.

To review:  Superman killed a guy for no particular reason.  Again.

See you tomorrow!

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