Monday, August 31, 2015

What Else Would a Gigantic Ape Eat?

Starting the week off right with a look at Superman #147.

Hmmmm... I don't know that he's got Superman checkmated.  It seems like this problem generally solves itself with a flight of stairs.  Then again, this guy is wearing a helmet.  A little extra pushy-pushy might be in order.

Here's a short story that should become a series:

Titano?  Always awesome because gorillas in comics are always awesome.  Krypto?  Double the awesome factor.

What could make it even better?  This:

Yup.  A giant gorilla fighting dinosaurs.


Could it be any more awesome?  Not without a bunch of gigantic bananas!

And here we go:

Hold it... did Krypto just talk?  Holy jumping heck, the dog just talked!

Too much awesome for one day.

See you tomorrow!


Green Luthor said...

I know he's not the only character to use the name "Mento", but personally I think villains should probably avoid names that suggest the best way to defeat them would be to drop them into a vat of Diet Coke. Take that, Freshmaker! (Would probably look a lot cooler than chucking him down a flight of stairs, though...)

Adam Barnett said...

I think it would be an awesome "book and record" entry if Superman tossed a guy named Mento into a vat of Diet Coke while the Mentos theme music played in the background. Doo wa doo doo de-doo. . . doo WAAAAAAAHHHH!