Monday, August 17, 2015

Superman vs. Mister Sinister. Prepare for Disappointment.

Let's finish up our look at Superman #16, which had the first appearance of:

Yup.  Comic book nerdlingers will know that there is a boring but rather well-known X-Men villain by that name.  Turns out we have a case of Recycled Names! (tm!)

Um... I understand the concept of free verse and everything, but that didn't rhyme at all.

Hey!  Random Ray Usage! (tm!)

Then things got kinda weird:

Okay, thickness I understand, but if the dimension was only length or width exclusively, wouldn't everyone be a vertical or horizontal line, respectively?  I don't really know.  Geometry was not my thing.  You know how people say "you'll have to use this every day" when you're taking nonsense in school?  They totally lied about geometry.  I've been out of high school 30 years and have yet to use a proof.

Here was a rather sad moment Superman would rather you forget:

Yeah, you didn't slip.  You were pushed.  By a guy with no powers.  And arguably not for the first time.

Let's check in on Lois Lane: Investigative Reporter:

This has been Lois Lane: Investigative Reporter.

See you tomorrow!

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