Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Look Over There! Keep Looking! SHAZAM!!!!!

We're going to plow into some Captain Marvel stories in the future, to be sure.  But here's some material from the 1970's revival of the character courtesy of Robert Gillis!

Here are a few examples of how fast and loose Billy Batson was with the old secret identity:

Yup.  Right in front of the bad guy.  I realize that the notion of a boy changing into a full-grown man after getting hit by lightning is pretty unbelievable, but I would think that Frenchy there would have been able to put it together.

And apparently, Billy was perfectly comfortable bringing lightning down near people as long as they weren't looking directly at him.  Thusly: 

I suspect those aren't the last examples we'll see of that.

Good stuff, Robert!  Thanks!

Now, let's ease into Superman #14.  Lois is on a date with Bob Branigan, a metro police officer.  Of course, Bob Branigan is badass.  I mean, you don't go walking around with a name like "Bob Branigan" unless you can back it up.  But he had a disregarded superpower that no one seemed to notice.

This is Bob in the maroon suit:

Next panel, we see Bob in a tan suit:

Next panel, Bob's suit has turned gray:

Yes, Bob apparently had the ability to make his suit change colors with his mood.

Remember the Question?  I always thought the way he changed the color of his suit was pretty awesome.



Crime doesn't pay.

This was funny.  Lois was going door to door trying to figure out the identity of a dead woman.

Then she ran into this guy:

HA!  That was great!

See you tomorrow!

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