Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Superman Forgotten Power

You can't go wrong when you start off the week with Superman #45:

Lois Lane has an existential crisis.

Hey!  Random Slap! (tm!)

Here's an awesome moment: Superman loses a hand-to-hand fight with an alien, fair and square:

But then we see a power I'll bet you didn't know Superman had:

Yes.  Telepathy. 

Just in case he wasn't too overpowered to be interesting before, now we're just piling the powers on.  Yeesh.

Superman is such an awful character.  He really is.

See you tomorrow!


Railbus said...

These aren't the driods you're looking for...

Smurfswacker said...

So why is wallflower Super-Lois standing next to a gigantic carrot?