Friday, August 21, 2015

Superman, Corn on the Cob, and Giant Mechanical Cockroaches

Superman #43 had the first appearance of Professor Hector Thwistle.

Who was awesome:


Here's a power I don't understand:

Yeah, the Golden Age Flash did a similar thing, and it didn't make much sense when he did it, either.  I guess what I don't understand is that if Superman can effectively make himself invisible, why didn't he do it all the time?  That would have been dang handy on many, many occasions but you don't see it happening.  I think he actually forgot he had that power over time.  I guess when you have so many... 

Here is the first time Superman fought what I believe is a gigantic mechanical cockroach:

I know.  You're welcome.

And now, another edition of...

Shut up, Lois. (tm!)

Shut up, Lois. (tm!)


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

If I recall correctly, there was mention of Superman vibrating his face while he was Clark Kent. I know Jay Garrick did, but I'd swear it was a throwaway mention that no one followed up on. Instead they went with the hypno-glasses. (Maybe the vibrating thing was only to confuse a villain or something.)

And in Kentucky, when times were bad on my grandmother's farm, you saved your corn on the cob after it was eaten so you could use it in the outhouse later, then drop it into the compost after. And there is your Recurring Image For The Weekend (tm)!

Gene Phillips said...

This may be Lois' most idiotic comments ever-- and that's saying something.