Thursday, August 6, 2015

In Which Bulletman's Lithe-Muscled Body Expands

I can't take any more Hit Comics.  Moving on to Nickel Comics to supplement Superman.  You know what that means!

Yup!  More Bulletman!

Okay, you're supposed to take the "an amazing change" stuff seriously, I guess.  I'm really not sure why that would be.  This comic was FIVE cents.

Anyway, Sergeant Kent is every bit the amazing law enforcement official we remember:

Or you could... I don't know... call the fire department.  I'm not a police sergeant, though.

In these early stories, Susan isn't Bulletgirl yet, which makes her even less useful than we've seen so far:

I see Susan got her keen powers of observation from her father the police sergeant.

I wouldn't say it's really a question of priorities.  It's not like either one of them really does anything.  He could really just head straight back out the hull and I don't think the series would suffer much.

Oh, brother.  So Susan doesn't know who he is, either?

Look at this:

She's looking right into the man's unobstructed face and has no idea who he is...

... even though she sees him all the time.


This is Captain Venture and Princess something...

Giant spider about to perform a brain transplant?

You've got my attention!

Fighting an army of giant spiders is always good readin'.  Hopefully we'll see a lot more of the conflict between Captain Venture and the spider....

Oh.  Okay.

I had this leftover from Hit Comics.  It's Hercules fighting grizzly bears.

Because... you know... Hercules fighting grizzly bears.

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

So...Nickel Comics. For a dime. Actually telling the kids that they were making a 50% profit from each book sold. Or...was there nickel used in the ink process of printing the book? Imagine mercury in every book, and yes, I'm a terrible person.

Adam Barnett said...

HA! It was only a nickel, of course. I fixed it. Whoops! Now I REALLY see why no one seemed to care about the quality of the book. It's a nickel, kid! If you wanted quality storytelling, it'll cost ya a dime!

Yael said...

...Now I really wish the new Venture Bros. season comes out soon.