Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In Which Superman Tortures a Guy

It's Superman #19!  With a story that has not one...

... not two... 

... but THREE separate instances of Random Ray Usage! (tm!)

Yes, back in the day you could do just about anything to Superman as long as it was in ray form.

And then there was this:

It was just a dream... or WAS it? (tm!)

I haven't really focused on this, but I think now is the time to bring it up:  Lois gets kidnapped a lot.

See?  Even a dog near Lois will find himself kidnapped.  That woman is kidnapped at least once ever issue or two.  I would seriously be afraid to hang out with Lois.

Hmmmm... here's a little "truth, justice and the American way" for you:

Is it just me, or did we just establish Superman as pro-waterboarding?  That's just wrong.  Superman really crosses the lines sometimes.

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

1/Lois needs to stop wearing yellow at night. 2/She should have hung out with Bulletgirl and then fall in love with Bulletman and leave Superman still being a dick. And create a love triangle. Cue Barry White.

Also, I like to play around with your headings and turn them into the titles of FRIENDS episodes. THE ONE WHERE ROSS TORTURES A GUY. THE ONE WITH JOEY: PREPARE FOR DISAPPOINTMENT.

Adam Barnett said...

I believe "Prepare for Disappointment" was the title of every episode of the "Joey" spinoff...

SallyP said...

Crosses the line SOMETIMES?

Only in every issue!