Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've Accidentally Blown Up the Earth! Thursday!

You know, it's not like I don't know that Thursdays are crazy busy for me. They are almost every week, so a prudent person would plan ahead. Perhaps one day a prudent person will take over this blog.

But never fear, my pets! Loyal readers Robert Gillis, Phineas Bg and sPat have come to our rescue with panels they sent me. So let's take a looksee!

When you're Superman, every "D'oh!" is a Superd'oh!

Lois Lane, Competitive Eater:

So, a regular sized hot dog isn't usually "a meal in itself" for Lois? I was never into skinny chicks who cried over how many calories everything had, but just go into that relationship knowing you're going to need to keep her fed, Clark!

Lois Lane: Klutz. And Mass-Murderer:

Whoops! Genocide! Silly me!

So, as was explained to me, Jimmy found himself in the past (because that was during an era where people time-travelled about as often as they went across the street for milk and lottery tickets), and he was proving how he was from the future. Like so:

I'm pretty sure Jimmy not only landed in the past, but he landed in the Land of Lobotomy Patients. It's a refreshing change over the "flames erupted from his cigarette lighter! 'Tis witchcraft!" device, but these people are pretty remedial.

Well, thanks again for saving my hash, troops! As always, your submissions are welcome!

See you tomorrow!


Joe S. Walker said...

How much smoking did Jimmy have to do to fill the room like that?

LissBirds said...

They've invented a chalkboard but not numbers? What sort of planet is this?!

Johnny said...

And with grammar like "You ain't seen nothin' yet," i pity those poor fools!

SM Newman said...

What's the downside for a Kryptonian having his bottle residence busted in Earth's atmosphere?

Ben Evans said...

This summer: Homeless in Space.

Allergy said...

I -- the person who is reading the comic panel -- really appreciate the back story that Super Girl provides!

Michael Jones said...

Numbers from 1 to 0, must be binary.

Erich said...

I just want to say that, putting aside the SIZE of that thing...a hot dog with mustard on the inside actually sounds like a pretty good idea. I'm not a huge fan of mustard myself, but it still seems like a good marketing hook.

Aurora Moon said...

heck, there's already hot-dogs with cheese, etc inside them. :)

Anonymous said...

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