Monday, December 1, 2008

Visionary Monday!

And we're back! I got to see the Dark Knight at long last, and can go to my grave knowing someone finally played the Joker correctly (well, Mark Hamill did a great job in Batman: The Animated Series ). This was a huge improvement over Jack Nicholson's performance 20 years ago and the film was amazing, despite the head scratch-inducing logic employed at the end which set up the premise for the next film. Beloved thought this was much better than Batman Begins, but I think neither film had a lot to apologize for.

But aren't we here to talk comics? Specifically, Avengers v.1 #61?

The Vision had some weird moments in his early days. First, was this odd method of recharging himself. You have to blast him in the face? Really? He couldn't just lay out on the front lawn for a while? I mean, he was solar-powered wasn't he? Am I the only one who sees the perverse imagery here? It can't just be me.

The Vizh also had something of an attitude in the early days:

See? He talked less like an android back in those days, which made no sense, because you'd think he'd grow more of a personality over time, not less of one.

Oh, who am I kidding? I put that up because of the reference to the super-power of breast beating! I don't know exactly what kind of power that is, but I'd be surprised if you kept a girlfriend for long.

Wow, that's an unfortunate angle. Look at where the Vision's head is in relation to Goliath's (presumably) huge wang. Was that really necessary? And where is the Vision's left hand? This is just too much.

Okay, since it's been so long, here's a bonus rant from Daredevil v.1 #238:

A jump several feet past Olympic records? I realize we suspend our disbelief and swallow a lot of baloney to enjoy these things, but come on. To say that Daredevil casually set a new world's record for the high jump is beyond stupid and is the kind of thing that makes us hide the fact that we read comics from our employers. Don't oversell it.

Yay! See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess that Avengers pic is somewhat suggestive. Still, it's no "The Gun That Mastered Men."

(I ran that one by mr. cleome45 a few weeks ago and he almost threw his back out trying to mimic it. I warned him not to try it without a force-shield belt over his fatigues, but men never listen...)

Oh, and that's an awesome costume Hank's wearing. They should bring it back, along with the proto-Billy Idol spike hair.


Dave said...

Did Roy Thomas write that issue of Avengers? That dialogue has his ham-handed/no-one-in-history-has-ever-spoken-like-this fingerprints all over it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Adam. Hope you had a great holiday.

I asked my wife what breast-beating was but she didn't seem interested in talking about it.

Superman can jump higher than Olympic records. That I accept. Daredevil... shoot, no.

Thomas Fummo said...

Vision sure was a jerk.

the first panel is hilarious.

welcome back, indeed :-)

SallyP said...

I swear at first glance, I thought that the Vision was a villain who had tricked T'Challa into something. Then I realized it was just the Vision, moaning as usual.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Adam! LOVE the Goliath panel: "If only that one night hadn't happened." Um--If the other guy (Vision) is doing what it looks like, then that "other night" must have been too perverse to think about :)

We missed you Adam!

Belvoir said...

I never realized how gay-bondage-y this Goliath costume was. Kinda!

Good to see you back!