Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pushing-Their-Super-Luck Thursday!

Let's check out the Superman Story from World's Finest v.1 #9!:

Wow, that's a great line! I can't imagine any journalist this side of Walter Cronkite actually dealing with autograph hounds, so I presume he's just telling her to step off.

The next time someone bugs me, I'm going to tell them I'm not giving autographs that day....

Presumption of innocence? Harrrrrumph, Kent! That kind of talk is for commies and Democrats! I didn't get to the top of the journalism field by relying on facts! Harrrumph!

Metropolis Police are awesome. Well, he keeps saying over and over that he didn't do it. Dang it! We're stymied! Cut him loose, boys!

With a check? Really? What do you tell put on your expense report - Snitch Fees?

And what about the pinhead who takes the check?

I didn't squeal on you, Muscular Tony!

Oh yeah? Well, I'm going to call the bank and see if you ever cashed a check from the Daily Planet. If it says "Snitch Fees" in the memo, it's your neck! I'll see you in 4 to 6 weeks!


Now, this is epic. I realize that posting 3 pages is pushing my luck, but I want you to appreciate just how silly this is:

Okay, got that? He's got one second. As in "one, Mississippi."

Look at everything he gets done:

I have accepted many things, causing me to lose credibility and endure many slings and arrows from my peers, but no way. No freakin' way. I have seen Superman shove entire planets out of orbit and never said a word, but this is where I make my stand.




Did he get all that done in one second.


Eeeesh. No wonder I hate Superman stories so much. They're too darn stupid!

Ah, well. See you tomorrow!


Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

And the reason that he couldn't cut the power before he started was...?

Maybe he wasn't certain he was going to get the evidence.

Or maybe the writers just wanted to build up the tension. Yes, that sounds more likely.

The Mad Tinkerer said...

That's not Superman. That's Clark MsAwesome from a parralel universe who was raised by Mary Sue McAwesome and Butch McAwesome.

It doesn't matter how fast a character is supposed to be, taking the time to brag about what you're doing as you're doing it TAKES TIME. Saying "Molten Steel! This begins to recall pleasant memories of Luthor!" by itself takes more than one second. And why would *anyone* have a *room* full of molten steel under a Tibetan monastery!?!

Those three pages make less sense than one page of Little Nemo in Slumberland.

Belvoir said...

I must say, despite plot absurdity, that's some superfine, dynamic artwork.

Anonymous said...

Actually, partisan politics aside, Perry White would hardly be the first member of the "liberal media" to assume an accused defendant was guilty. The press loves that whole "if it bleeds it leads," after all.

Anonymous said...

I never saw this one but I agree that it snaps credibility. There was a great scene in a recent Superman book where Lois is on the other side of the city fighting someone with a gun. bad guy shoots lois. Superman looks what he's doing, races there so fast he's literally on fire and catches the bullet. THAT I can believe. But all this stuff? Nope, great presentation, Adam. NO WAY they get away with this one.

Anonymous said...

Another thing this reminds me of: Independence Day (the movie)

Alien spaceships 15 miles long, yep. Destruction, yep. Guy gets easy access to last jet out of DC (Air Force One) before aliens destroy city, ok... Everyone goes to Area 51... ummmmmmmmmmmm.

But, suspension of disbelief ENDS when Jeff Bridges uploads the virus to the alien computer WITH HIS LAPTOP and the screen says "negotiating with host" and is able to upload the virus.

the aliens use the same TCP-IP protocol we use?

Sorry, nope.

SallyP said...

You know, Lois, babbling about what a bargain that letter is, to the GUY SELLING IT, really isn't the most intelligent thing to do. I'm guessing that the price went up...immediately.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Superman was going back in time as he did all that stuff. He's done it before, right?

Anonymous said...

If it had been Chilly Willy or Superman and Santa Clause I'd believe it.And Flying around the Earth really fast;getting us to spin the other way would have caused alot of problems.