Monday, December 29, 2008

Mind-Blowin' Special Effectin' Monday!

And we're back! It was great see everyone over the holidays, but there are comics to discuss!

From Legion of Super-Heroes v2, #14:

Maybe the slang has lost its meaning by the 30th Century, but if someone suggests you "take a twirl on his thumb," that generally ain't the kind of thing you want to hastily accept. I'd be surprised if Power Boy got the second call to audition.

From Avengers v1 #88:

Before House and CSI, you took what you could get in the special effects department:

Get it? You're seeing the world through Psyklop's compound eye. They're blowin' my freakin' mind!

Okay, not so much. But comics were only 12 cents, so you have to weigh these things.

Know what I'm glad I didn't get for Christmas? This:

Stickers of dials, switches, and gauges. We sure knew how to have fun back in the day, didn't we? Careful not to show off your stickers of dials, switches, and gauges, Billy! You want to be sure people like you for who you are, not because you have stickers of dials, switches and gauges!

You just know there's some engineer who thought this would sell like Black Tar Heroin and can't figure out why there are reams of those unsold stickers in a warehouse in Milwaukee.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Adam!

Did you get a good look at that guy's eye? You're lucky they didn't just fill the rest of the comic, and the next three issues, with that same red panel!

Actually, it would still probably be more suspenseful than U.S. 1. HA!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I'd sit under a table with posters of the moon and different planets hanging around me and pretend I was in a spaceship.

I coulda used some stickers of dials, switches and gauges

Anonymous said...

First off, missed you muchly, hope you had awesome festivities. Sorry but those look kinda awesome to me, yeah I had card board race cars, helicopters, all with dials and switches and stuff inked on with markers, stickers would have made a serious extra level of cool, that and all kids love stickers, well my baby brother and I did, as do all three of my munchkins, so if you do find that warehouse let me know, as I just had to draw dials on the inside of several of the Christmas boxes.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Psyklop. He doesn't get enough love these days.

De said...

Welcome back to the hilarity fold, Adam. Thought about you while watching The Dark Knight with my dad.

Adam Barnett said...

I am amazed that any of you good folks would like stickers of dials and switches. I left the address of the company on there, so feel free to drop them a line.... I'm sure they have *plenty* in stock they'd be happy to sell you ;-)

Anonymous said...

I totally need some of those stickers, too. Don't be fooled by my delicate, feminine posting style. Everyone grooves on those things-- Holly Hobbie-Easy Bake fusions be damned !

Happy '09 !

-- cleome45

Chance said...

"Some of the most powerful Earthlings of all --- Here!

...Oh, and Falcon, too."