Monday, December 8, 2008

Intellectual-Property-Compromisin' Monday!

After watching the excellent-but-intense The Dark Knight and Blood Diamond, Beloved and I decided to watch some lighthearted stuff as mental floss. Igor was surprisingly entertaining, and much better than the heavily-hyped Kung Fu Panda, which was an exercise in putting excellent animation with a story you've seen a thousand times before. Igor will be out on DVD in January, and is worth a rental at least.

So, what happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object? Let's check out Avengers v1 #67 to find out!:

I can't tell from that angle: Is Thor's crotch the irresistible force or the immovable object?

Goliath looks like he wished he hadn't walked into the shot just then. I can't say I blame him.

All together, now:

Shut up, Jan.

Here's a fun moment from Legion of Super Heroes v2 #18:

Back before it was much more common for Marvel and DC to do projects together, the writers and artists would often dance on the other company's borders for our entertainment. Here, Chameleon Boy clearly shapeshifted himself into the Thing from the Fantastic Four, but we only got to see the arm, lest DC offices get a bit of unwanted mail from Marvel's legal department. Still, that was a pretty cool moment in comics history!

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Oh Jan. Your complete frivolity condemned you.

On the other hand, the THING thing, is rather cool.

Anonymous said...

There was a moment in one of the "threeboot" Legion collections with an "alien" in a crowd scene that's clearly a skinny teenage Thing.

Hey, if it works once... :)

-- cleome45