Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swamp Amoebas, Ram-Beasts, and Over-Sized Cameras Tuesday

From Batman #128:

I shall avenge the murder of my parents. I shall become a creature of the night. I shall become.... a bat!

And one day....

I will fight Swamp Amoebas!

And be a matador of Ram-Beasts!

And fight criminals with blood-curdling weapons like big-ass cameras!

And big-ass tires!

In Batman's defense, I can tell you big-ass tractor tires are very heavy and would actually make very good weapons if you can get them rolling. I was raised in Oklahoma, you know. We know about things like big-ass tractor tires.

The Comics Code really did a number on comics, didn't they?

See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Zocktastic said...

"The ram-beast! It smashes down anything in its path!"
"I've got an idea! Quick -- Get out of its path!"

Gee, Batman, what a brilliant plan. However did you come up with that one?