Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sun-Filled Flakes of AK-47's Wednesday!

The quality of art in comics ebbs and flows over the decades. I like most of the artwork that's in most titles these days to some degree, but considering that comic books have been cranking along for over 70 years now, there's an expectation that the artwork is going to be a lot better than what our grandparents and great-grandparents had (especially if they expect us to crank out four bucks for what used to be one thin dime).

But I'm always extra-impressed when I see some awesome covers from days long past. Check out these pretties from the Sea Devils run in Showcase:

Is there a Cover Hall of Fame?(tm?) There is now, and these are in it. I never really got into the Sea Devils. I mean, how exciting is it to watch a team of skin divers swimming around? Not much. But these covers are great!

I am a middle-aged man with an awesome set of action figures. You know what I'm not ready for? This:

I'm sure someone can explain this to me. An AK-47? Where on Earth did this come from?

This is less unnerving, but every bit as head-scratching:

I don't really see the Superman connection here, nor do I understand why someone who has flown into the outer space and plunged into the sun would be so easily impressed as he clearly is here. Then again, I don't really "get" much about Superman.

Superman! A giant robot is attacking Metropolis!

I'll be there in a minute! WHEEEEEE!

See you tomorrow!


LadyBlack said...

It's the um....'package' God appears to have that worries me. However, that is a cool toy, it clearly out weighs the "I am the vine branch" Jesus model that Top Gear acquired.

Superman is impressed because it's a toy which is like a gun but is unable to injure anyone. He would approve. Trust me.

PS Why do you hate Moondragon so much? I thought she was cool.

PPS This site makes me laugh every single time I come here, thank you.

Adam Barnett said...

Welcome aboard, LadyBlack!

My dislike of Moondragon is part of my overall dislike for any character with mental or cosmic powers. By design, the abilities of that kind of character are so passive that I just can't get any interest. It's a question of taste - I prefer seeing mano a mano conflicts over people furrowing their brows and scowling at each other from far distances when they fight.

I'm the same way about magic as well. Lately, the use of Zatanna has been much more palatable, and I think DC's Faust character is fascinating. But, as a general rule, when I see creatures of magic, I roll my eyes and wait for the next storyline.

I don't like aliens, either. Okay, no magic creatures, no mentally powered people, no aliens or cosmic beings. I think I'm starting to understand why it's so easy for me to be critical of comics....

Anonymous said...

The God figure is clearly made from a Luke Skywalker (the first 90's mold, the muscular one)... either it is a custom/hoax or some bootleg company made a mold off of the Star Wars toy. I'm guessing custom. What was the source of the image?

Adam Barnett said...

It's flying around the Internet. I'm hoping it's just a joke!

Captain Infinity said...

I've actually started to pick up issues of the Sea Devils when I run across them because of their awesome covers (and being a diver myself doesn't hurt matters.)

Duy Tano said...

If you think Superman being impressed with a gun is weird, check out that Justice League toy where Flash has a motorcycle.

Britt Reid said...

"My dislike of Moondragon is part of my overall dislike for any character with mental or cosmic powers."

You must've hated Brain Boy! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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