Friday, March 27, 2015

Batman Works at a Grocery Store and Superman... I'm Not Sure What That was All About

Hey, gang!

I'm going to take a little staycation next week, so no new posts.  Sorry!  I'll be back Monday, April 6th with more silliness.

For a great detective, Batman sure didn't have much of a poker face:

Why are you looking at each other like that?

Like what?

When I said that Bruce Wayne was next in line, it's almost like gigantic punctuation marks appeared over your heads.


And in issue #191, we see why it was necessary for Batman to be independently wealthy as opposed to working a normal job:

Wait!  Wait!  I got this!  DON'T punch customers, DO punch bank robbers!  I got it mixed up, but I'll get it right next time!

And sometimes it wouldn't even be Batman's fault:

See?  I can't imagine that looking good on the old performance review.

Meanwhile, from Robert Gillis, here's a little bit of disturbing Fun with Out of Context Artwork from Lois Lane #73:

We weren't sure what the title of this panel would be, but I think we agreed on:

 Fifty Shades of Grey Kryptonite.

Yeah, we have too much time on our hands.

Anyway, I'll see you guys April 6th!

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Why are you looking at each other like that? grofers