Friday, March 6, 2015

In Which We Meet Bulletman and See the Word "Frowsy" for the First Time

Hey!  It's time to shake things up a bit!  Check it out!

See what I mean about caption boxes getting in the way?  Poor Bulletman is trying desperately to get out of the way of the thing, but all he can do is step over it.  You can see how annoyed he is at the whole thing, and rightfully so.

Okay, origin time:

Yeah, they had already appeared in Nickel Comics before Bullet got his own title.  I'll see if I can find those.  Anyway, the helmets enable the duo to fly and deflect bullets.  They've also been injected by chemicals that gave them superhuman strength and (allegedly) advanced intelligence.  Since he can fly, I'm not sure why Bullet is swinging on a rope there.  Maybe he needs help with the landing.

On with the story.  The Black Spider is up to no good.  He's sent some lackeys to kidnap local law enforcement officials and the Bullets won't stand for it: 

Way to hang back there, Bulletgirl.  You just stand there and look pretty while I fight this angry mob of criminals.

Well, at least she got one of them.  Although that doesn't look like much of anything.  Bulletman probably whomped the guy off camera so Bulletgirl would feel like she accomplished something.

Anyhoo, that plan foiled, the gang goes after the police chief:

You can't kidnap a police chief right out of a police station!

Well... Touche! (tm!)

Why snatch the police chief?  Thusly:

That's actually pretty logical.  If anyone would know the identity of Bulletman, it would probably be the chief of police.  Which begs the obvious question:

Do you see anything that conceals that man's features?  Because I sure don't.  Since Bulletman works at the police station in his civilian identity, the gang probably walked right past him when they snatched the chief.  And I suppose they may not have paid him any attention, but then I realize something:

The chief doesn't know who they are.  Even though Bulletman works for the chief in his civilian ID and... did I mention Bulletgirl was his own daughter?

And just to review, this is what you see when you look at these people in their "disguises":

All I can tell you is that the chief of police is one of the most unobservant human beings in recorded history if he is truly stymied as to who the Bullets really are.

Buckle up, folks!  I've got a few of these!

And for those of you scoring at home, here is the "Bulletman" action figure of no relation to the comic book character:

You know, I'm not sure why Joe was part of the "Super Adventure Team."  You've got a bionic guy, a guy who can fly.... and a guy who can look left and right.  He's like that guy who starts a garage band who doesn't have any musical talent himself (that was me in high school).

Anyway, I guess the name was up for grabs at the time the action figure came out, because no lawsuit came of it as far as I know.  That, or you just couldn't resist the jingle:

I had one of those action figures.  I hated the bare leg look and he had disproportionately large feet.  But you know... he was wearing a costume and I was about 8 years old, so how could I not get one?

See you Monday!


Jack Norris said...

It's clear to me that Bulletgirl is giving that guy a purple nurple (aka titty twister) in that one panel; explaining that she learned it in grammar school makes sense too.

Gummboote said...

Frowsy: unclean, dingy, stuffy. Basically that guy didn't think the cop's grooming was up to scratch.