Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hyperman, Hero of Canada!

Hey!  It's time for some silliness from contributor Robert Gillis!

I've got Superman's solo title in the chute and I'll get it into the que at some point, but Robert found a good one in Superman #200 that demands to be seen

Because, it's HYPERMAN, Hero of Canada!:

I presume he has to be really energetic all the time, or he wouldn't be "Hyperman."  He would be "Rather Lively but Not So Much That You Would Find Him Exhausting" Man.  
But Hyper he must be.  So instead of Kryptonite, is he laid low by Methylphenidate?

Check out this disguise:

Oh, man.   The Christopher Reeve Superman movies did a valiant job of trying to show that a pair of glasses can be a disguise, so I can somewhat accept Clark Kent's grift.  But this is pitiful.  You would have to be absolutely dense to not see through that disguise. That 'stache isn't even like Teddy Roosevelt or Tom Selleck, where you 'd see some real growth there.  Seriously, put a mustache on your face that covers half your upper lip and see if anyone fails to recognize you.  Anyone.  You too, ladies!  No one gets out of this!

Here's kind of a weird moment from Adventure Comics #259: 

So, Superboy finds a large dinosaur bone deeply buried in the Earth, and he's giving it to the dog as a chew toy.  I'm as big of a mark as any man for a dog (heck, I've got a dog farm going at my house), but don't we want to make sure that a paleontologist wouldn't find some research value there before Krypto uses his mighty jaws to grind it into unrecognizable shards?  I don't think Krypto would turn his nose up at a cow's bone, and those things can be pretty huge.  Superboy is probably overcompensating for all the times he ignores that poor pooch.  Clark has never been a model dog owner.

Thanks again, Robert!

See you tomorrow!

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