Monday, June 2, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Championship Monday!

Hey, hey! It's Adventure Comics #375, one of the worst LSH storylines ever!

When Bouncing Boy makes everyone else his bitch on the cover, I have high expectations. But alas, the book ain't as good as the cover.

This story arc introduces the Wanderers, which should have been my first warning. My first exposure to them was in their mini-series from the 1980's. I paid a dime for each issue and still felt ripped off.

Anyone who has read more than two comics in their life knows that the arrival of other super-powered beings requires a clash between the title characters and the guest stars (also known as the Guest-Starring Wolverine Rule). This will almost always be the result of mind-control or a misunderstanding. I think this particular conflict was the result of mind-control, but I kind of quit paying attention.

Anyway, there's gonna be a beat-down, so what do you do? Why, make a game out of it, of course!

Sorry I'm laughing at you, Bouncing Boy. It's just that.... well, you're fat, and the idea of a fat person being good at anything just tickles me!

Yeah, none of us girls stand a chance, so why even try? We're just girls!

So, they send in Saturn Girl? The girl with the brain powers? They had Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, Supergirl, Light Lass, and Shadow Lass, and the writers went with Saturn Girl? What, was Dream Girl busy?

Oh, this is painful. I can't do it justice in one day. To be continued, true believers!


Anonymous said...

What's really sad is the cover--RIP off your emblems and show me some skin! On... the guys? Saturn Girl's little Saturn emblem just pops off, no ripped blouse... So sad. And Isn't Superboy's costume, um, invulnerable?

Anonymous said...

beat me too it Robert...
why couldn't Saturn Girl rip off her emblem ala Superboy? Obviously equal rights aren't as prevelant in the future as we'd hoped! lol

SallyP said...

Well...he's no Matter-Eater Lad, but Bouncing Boy DOES seem to be enjoying himself there,doesn't he? I'm sure it won't last, and the rest of the Legionaires will have him back to scrubbing the toilets in no time.

Anonymous said...

But those of us who have read this entire two part epic (especially those of us who remember buying and reading it when first published!) know what the truth is behind that cover scene.

mwb said...

Come on Supergirl compete and rip off your emblem!!! Please!!!!

Sometimes with all the teasing BB endures I really want him to go all Carrie on the rest of the Legion.