Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leopard-Lordin', Plastic-Modellin', Prosecutorial-Misconductin', Self-Portrayin', Gettin'-Offin' Tuesday!

Hey, hey! Collector's Item time!

Daredevil v.1 #72 had the very first appearance of Tagak! Yes, Tagak! And before you (justifiably) think I'm being all snarky, I'll have you know that Tagak appeared again as a member of the Defenders for three whole issues and was listed on the proverbial milk carton as "whereabouts unknown" in Civil War.

So, if you were a lucky duck like me and had this issue at your fingertips, you could see the first (and last) solo appearance of a hero barely important enough for someone to say "Whatever happened to that guy?" in 2006. Hey, you take your 15 minutes where you can get 'em.

And he came out of the mirror, hepcats! Doesn't that just blow your mind? Apparently, someone at Marvel thought it would. I doubt it did, though....

I wanted these things. I'm sure I saw a set at K-Mart as a kid, but my mom wouldn't bite. She didn't see the entertainment value in plastic statues that didn't really do anything. Moms just don't get it.

Hey, kids! Did you know that if you are a prosecuting attorney, professional ethics prohibit you from prosecuting anyone you don't believe the evidence indicates is guilty?

Apparently, New York District Attorney Foggy Nelson didn't know that, either.

This is the kind of thing I would have passed on as a child, because I didn't give a flip who created the comics. Laws, sausages, churches, comics.... the more you know how things come about, the less you enjoy them. But I would totally want a set of these today. Anyone have the foresight to get these?

And now, courtesy of Daredevil v.1, #74, I give you Poor Word Choice Theater:


Anonymous said...

Your mom couldn't see the use for completely indistructable objects?

What was her problem?

Sea-of-Green said...

MOD(EL) -- Mon-El's tragically hip younger brother ...?

Okay, I need coffee ...

SallyP said...


Dave said...

Is it a coincidence that all the other artists have caricatures of themselves and the characters they created, while Steranko's just has two big pictures of himself?

I think not.