Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Deception, Bribery, and Sins of the Flesh Tuesday!

Quick Question Time: What do we have to do to get a sequel to The Incredibles?

While we wait for the follow-up to one of the greatest movies ever, these cautionary tales come courtesy of Action Comics #276:

I, for one, agree that you should never approach a guy in a bed who tells you to come closer and feel his pulse. Still, Clark is being a little superficial. Just because the guy doesn't lay out and tan is no reason to spurn his advances...

Let me get this straight: Saturn Girl and Supergirl have met before, but that mask is supposed to fool somebody? What about Saturn Girl's costume? You know, with the logo on the front that has the planet Saturn on it? The one that Saturn Girl has worn since Day One?

Even more amazing: It actually manages to fool Supergirl for a few minutes....

King Richard's shield? And Excalibur? And Achilles' helmet? They don't have museums in the 30th Century that might be interested in that sort of thing? It's pretty lame of Supergirl to use them as bribes to get into the Legion...

... but hey, I guess we can't argue with success, can we? I love how the Legion doesn't even pretend they're letting her in on her merits. Nope, it's the gifts. At least they're honest about it.


De said...

Supergirl's Super-Girlfriend? That's a hardcover I'd buy in a second!

SallyP said...

"Clark...pull my finger!"


Seriously, Supergirl had to bribe her way into the Legion? I KNEW there was something a little "off" about those kids.

Anonymous said...

Is wearing a Lead mask really such a good idea?