Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From Deep in the Vault Wednesday!

First, the bad news: The panels are in black and white.

But the GREAT news is that they are from the ultra-rare All-Star Comics #1! Yup, we've all seen reprints of All-Star #3 (with the first Justice Society appearance) and so on, but Comics Make No Sense is the first to bring you, with over 65 years in the making, snarky comments about All-Star Comics #1!

I know. Sometimes this blog is so awesome I almost feel like I should call the police on myself.

Oh, dig it! Six pages in, and we get a verrrrry inappropriate display of affection. From the Hawkman story, perpetual victim Margo lays an Angelina Jolie-style kiss on her own brother. When, in the history of Western Civilization, was it ever appropriate for siblings to kiss each other that way?

The Sandman, expecting to find two men in the bedroom, is disappointed.

Rock on, Golden Age!

Sure, you can kill a guy or knock him unconscious, but if you really want to keep him from being able to communicate with the enemy, spank him.

Who is this, you say? Why, Gary Conchord - Ultraman! You know. Gary Conchord. He was Ultraman. Okay, I dunno, either, but he was apparently very wise.

I tried to use the Google to find out more about the Home Recordo, but only came up with a bunch of Spanish-speaking sites that had nothing to do with it. I have never known of any device available for home use that would enable you to make your own recordings on vinyl. Anyone got the details?

Too.... much.... stuff to mock.... blog can't hold it all in one day. We'll continue it tomorrow, dear ones!


Philip said...

Maybe Margo & Jan were, like Hawkman, reincarnated Egyptian royalty. Gotta keep that divine bloodline pure!

SallyP said..., I can't mock it. That's some rather nice artwork.

De said...

Ultraman has a real Adam Strange vibe to him.

That spanking panel is beyond disturbing.

Anonymous said...

So, is the Sandman the first openly gay superhero? If so, it's amazing that he came out just a few pages ahead of a guy with a spanking fetish...

And I could be reading this wrong, but in the Ultraman panel, it looks like the president is saying that Gary WAS the cause of the war in Europe.

"You can make your own records if you sing or play an instrument" It took until the 80s before they started making records by people who can do neither. What a world we live in!

D.B. Echo said...

NPR had a series a while back called "Lost and Found Sound" about retrieving the audio from home recordings made in umpteen different formats. I remember seeing an ad like this in a giant-sized replica of a 1930's-era comic from back in the 1970's.

Anonymous said...

There's some information on home vinyl recording here:

Also, a similar device was used on "The Honeymooners" in the classic 39 episode "A Matter of Record"

Mars said...

My friends and i found a home vinyl recorder (not exactly the 'Home Recordo') at a Salvation Army back in the early nineties. It came with a bunch of blue 'floppy' seven inch discs. It would play the discs (they were basically a kid recording rock songs off the radio at sometime between 68-74), but we couldn't get it to record!