Monday, June 30, 2008

Dames and Nicknames Monday!

Wow, am I glad to be back. If you miss reading this silliness half as much as I miss posting it, allow me to apologize for the hiatus. Glad you enjoyed Lady Cop / Green Team Week, though.

These panels appeared somewhere else, but I grabbed 'em from JSA 100 Page Super-Spectacular # 1:

This is the reason I would never team up with a woman. Sportsmaster is zooming away on rockets, and Dinah is off in another room making sure her wig is on straight. By the time she gets finished checking her make-up, Sporty will be in another area code. Silly dames! Useless in a crisis, I tells ya!

The Rod Ranger? Did Starman come up with that one for himself? He probably did, and then totally regretted it. You should never come up with your own nickname, because it will only stick if it's hilariously insulting to you.

In view of your reputations, and the uncomfortable, caricature-like way you are representing your respective regions, we've decided to let you pass.

Sheesh. I'm surprised Inspector Dawes didn't come off the plain wailing on the bagpipes.... I'm Inspector Dawes from Scotland Yard! Oy! I like crackin' skulls at football riots! Oy!

Don't even get me started on the other three....

It's great to be back, Dear Ones! I've missed you!


Anonymous said...

(pssst, Adam, Scotland Yard is in London!)

Adam Barnett said...

No kiddin'? That doesn't make sense at all!

De said...

I'm told Black Canary was a fan of the Rod Ranger (post-Crisis of course).

Good to have you back, Adam!

SallyP said...

No, Scotland Yard is really in London. The orginal used to be the residence of the Scottish embassy or something of that nature.

Is it me, or is Dr. Suess on retainer, as the designer for villain gimcrackery? Rocket-powered skies? It boggles the mind.

googum said...

I really, really thought "she swiftly changes her garments with the ease of long practice" was going to get a joke. Probably not a flattering one, either...

And "Rod Ranger" totatlly made me snort. Grrreat!

Tracer Bullet said...

So nobody is going to mention "Harry Wan?" (snicker)

Anonymous said...

Dude, "Oy!" is not a stereotypical phrase of Scotland. If anything it's a stereotype of Londoners.

Maybe you should have gone for "Hoots! or "Och aye!"

Just doing my bit to make sure my country is stereotyped properly.