Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 End of the Year Craptacular! Yeah, It's Mostly About TV.

Hey!  It's the end of 2014, so let's take a look back.

We have more new residents of our little comic book funhouse than ever before, hovering at around 150,000 site visits this year.  You're a quiet bunch, but I know you're tuning in, so my sincere thanks to you.

As to TV, could this year have been any more amazing?  I buggered off of Constantine because it just wasn't my thing.  But Arrow finished an incredible second season.  The third isn't as good so far, but it's still worth checking out.  The craziness of that second season was some of the best comic-based television you'll ever see.

  Meanwhile, Gotham was Beloved's personal favorite.  The character-based crime drama is well-cast and smartly written, so who could blame her?  If you check your preconceptions about the characters at the door (remember, it's an interpretation of the characters, not a translation), it's great stuff!

My personal favorite is The Flash.  How they managed to squeeze so much awesomeness into the first half of the first season is mind-boggling.  As with Arrow, you'll see bad guys come to life that you never thought you'd see and if a fraction of the rumors are true, Beloved will hardly be able to hear the show over my fanboy squealing.  Beloved likes it as well.

But you know what else we discovered that we really liked?  Misfits.  It's an older British show that's like X-Men with a lot less whining.  It ran on a channel called E4 from 2009 to 2013.  Check out the opening song and tell me you aren't intrigued:

It's violent, it's sexually graphic and the language is nonstop profanity.  And it's perfect.  Check it out on Hulu.  You'll be glad you did.  And while I'm thinking about it, check out Orphan Black.

While I'm not an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan, we are going to give Agent Carter a try.  Dazzle us, Marvel!  Prove to us you can make decent television!

Movies?  Well.... the thing about movies is that they simply don't have the ability to grow on you over time the way a television series was.  We saw all the comic movies and... well, they were fine if not unremarkable.  I'm looking forward to some of the movies planned for the coming year.  Suicide Squad?  I never thought see the day.

As for comics.... well, I'm way behind, but I can say that a lot of DC's "New 52" has left me pretty cold.  Whoever decided to make Grifter an alien hunter should be banned from all DC editorial meetings.  Then again, Resurrection Man was better than I had hoped.  I don't know.  I'm years behind, aren't I?  It happens.

Anyway, it's been a great year.  Thanks again for being a part of it.  There won't be a post tomorrow, but we'll kick off 2015 on January 2nd!  See you then!  Stay safe!


BatmanisBw said...

Have a happy New Year Adam, and many more to come. Now to go wish Bully (Says Comics Oughtta Be Fun) a happy one too!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I've yet to watch any TV show yet. I'm terrible, I know. But I did start DVRing FLASH. I hope we get to see the Rainbow Raider, if we don't, 2015 will provide no justice.

This year was the first that I bought more Image comics than DC comics. I've been interested in the storyline Jonathan Hickman have been putting in NEW AVENGERS and AVENGERS--even though I'm two years late to the party. Amazon is great to me, I can get a little beat-up $24.99 HC for $10 or so. You should use the Google machine on this. 2015 is the anniv. of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and Marvel got a much better jump on a decent story to fit. There has been a countdown on each issue, I think now it is IN 3 MONTHS...TIME RUNS OUT!

So if we do get a slight reboot of the Marvel Universe, I fully expect Paste-Pot Pete as a founding member of The Avengers. But if you do read up on it, Adam, the writing is dense and well-paced. Everybody hates the "Event" overload of one thing after another that will "shake Dan DiDio's underwear to its core", but Hickman/s Avengers is LIKE one of those events. Just as a monthly comic almost 30 issues in.

Yourself and Beloved enjoy the evening.


Adam Barnett said...

Actually, Wayne... I think we HAVE seen the Rainbow Raider on Flash, IIRC. Check out the Arrow/Flash crossover... they're rerunning it next week, I think.

Buzz said...

I just started watching MISFITS, and I am really, really loving it! It's like The Breakfast Club meets The X-Men. Thanks for turning me on to it!!

---vince (i changed my "user name")