Thursday, December 18, 2014

That Time Captain America Battled a Giant Cockroach

From Golden Age Captain America #25:

Yup.  That's Cap beating up a giant cockroach.  And he apparently needed help.  Not exactly one of his better moments.

But here's a great moment of Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)


That was a good one, if I do say so myself.


Although he answered his country's call to duty, Captain America could never forget his first love: Geography.

The Golden Age "Human" Torch always confused me.  First, and foremost, he's not "human."  He's actually an android.  So it always confused me a bit when he would do things like eat and sleep.  The nerdlinger in me has always been willing to chalk it up to "eating to fit in" and "sleep is a way to recharge his batteries" and "getting knocked out means he went offline" or something.

But this absolutely stymies me:

This is a guy who bursts into flames on a regular basis.  Why is fire causing him pain?

I don't get it.  Someone explain that away somehow, because it's going to grind my gears until... well, not for long, obviously.  I do have other things in my life to worry about.  But still.

See you tomorrow!


BatmanisBw said...

Good post, Adam!

BatmanisBw said...

Also: I would think Captain America's shield could cut through the cockroach, right? It is indestructible.

Jeffo said...

Geology maybe?

Patrick McEvoy said...

Jeffo beat me to it! ;)

Aaron Carine said...

I had always assumed that the Human Torch was an organic android rather than a mechanical one.

justskimn96 said...

and what of invisible woman?