Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Role-Model Tuesday!

Well, Dear Ones, it appears that I was the true Rod Ranger yesterday for my mischaracterization of the Police Chief of Scotland Yard. Yes, I could have just deleted it, but if you're going to be a snark artist, you should be willing to take the hit when you make a silly mistake yourself. So, now that we are all clear: Scotland Yard is not in Scotland. My sincere apologies. And yes, I went to public schools so you should take that into account.

And now, a look at some old-time manners from the Golden Age, courtesy of All-Star Comics #3:

I'm certainly no surgeon, but I think most doctors would agree that arbitrarily knocking an entire room full of people unconscious with sleeping gas is, at best, a sconce irresponsible. People don't always wake up from that sort of thing.

And what am I going to contribute for my share of the dinner? Geez, Flash, are you footing the bill for catering or something? Did they pass the hat around before Johnny Thunder showed up? Remind me never to accept a dinner invitation to Jay Garrick's house. Petty little bastard.

And just who might you be?

I think I just said I was Oom, the Mighty.

Oh.... that's right. So you did. Well, I'm still way smarter than you.


Get yer newspaper here! Bag of human flesh found with bones inside it!

Give me one of those!

Which one? A newspaper, or a bag of human flesh with bones inside it?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

The Sandman has a manic episode. Someone get that man some Thorazine!


Nick Danger said...

Which is the correct grammer?
"Who may you be?"
"Who might you be?"

or is it whom..... grrrr stupid public school!

Anonymous said...

"Huge bag of human flesh found with human bones inside it" is just an attempt to liven-up saying "we found a fat guy."

De said...

I love the holier-than-thou look on Jay's face. Can't blame him; Johnny Thunder is kind of a drag to be around.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I adore the concept of the JLA holding their meetings in the local Ramada franchaise---using the room between the Kawanis and Rotary Clubs...

Tracer Bullet said...

Damn. Allergy beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

God, there are days when I wish I could simply gas everybody with whom I don't want to deal. But I don't do it. I guess that's what separates me from a true hero.

SallyP said...

Wesley DOES seem to be running amok as it were. I love how Dr. Fate is no doubt chortling with glee at his wacky antics.

And Jay, before you start sniping at Johnny, shouldn't you at least take your hat off at the table? We aren't barbarians you know!

D.B. Echo said...

I had the giant-sized 1970's reprint of that JSA comic. That Sandman story was creepy! The Hawkman story was pretty cool, and featured a woman in a verrrry form-fitting asbestos suit!

Aaron Carine said...

I also read that 1970s reprint. Hawkman always did seem to get the hottest women. The Sandman story was really exasperating because the bad guy fired at him point blank and MISSED! It was as bsd as the remastered Star Wars with the "Greedo shoots first" scene.