Friday, July 25, 2008

Friendly Fire Friday!

From Uncanny X-Men #4:

Hmmmmmmm.... I'm no anesthesiologist, but the way Cyclops is flailing his arms and legs, I'm thinking we've passed "reviving" and gone into "suffocating." It's looking like that last scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

And these remaining panels come from Uncanny X-Men #9:

Excellent work, Marvel Girl! You've kept yourself from tripping over your own two feet! You continue to exceed our every expectation!

Yeah, it's hard to keep your hands off a chick in a skullcap, but dammit, man.... think of the team!

THANK YOU! The correct word is "conversing." Not "conversating." "Conversate" is not a word, no matter how many times you hear the idiots on MTV use it. Don't believe me? Run spell-check. "Conversate" with me at your own risk.

Stranger danger! No means no, Hank!

Besides, those aren't his biceps you're groping....

See you Monday!


Aaron Carine said...

Where do the X-Men get their ideas on medicine,some 17th century textbook?
Quick, Cyclops is hurt;we have to saw off his leg!

SallyP said...

Sheesh Hank, stop fondling the man! You're getting awfully personal with a man you just met, even if he IS wearing a loincloth.

And yes, Bobby should definitely take it easy with all that ice. You want to revive Scott, not drown him.

Anonymous said...

"No time to sidestep"? Okay, here's an embarrassing confession: earlier this summer, I fell out of a Funyak (a plastic Kayak). As I was going over, I had time to say "I'm going o-" and that was about it.

If I were Marvel Girl (or Daredevil, or, let's face it, a whole lot of other comic characters) I would have had time to say "Uh-oh, it looks like my center of gravity has overbalanced my base of support and as a result, I'm going to topple over into the lake, unless I can use my powers to stabilize myself somehow, but, oh, I didn't quite get it right, and now here I go." Splash!

Then again, if I were Marvel Girl I'd also have Cyclops all up in my bidness, and who could resist that?