Thursday, July 24, 2008

Courtesy of sPat Thursday!

Have I told you to pick up Black Adam: The Dark Age mini-series? I haven't? Well, you oughta. Get on it, and tell me in the comments why Black Adam is the best-revived character since the Ted Kord Blue Beetle was brought into the DCU back in the '80s. And, while you're at it, try and point me towards a Marvel book that isn't complicated and boring besides Heroes for Hire. Are they still printing Heroes for Hire?

Enough of that.... on with some random goodness from contributor sPat!

Excuse me.... what? So, am I to understand that if I listen to a record from a distance played by a plutonium needle, I'll get radiation poisoning? Because that's the same logic here. Shenanigans!

sPat tells me these guys were trying to pull Arthur's fishy leg here, but I would think anyone would smell a scam when someone says that wearing a garden variety cloth surgical mask is protecting their entire body from radiation.

The big question: Would it protect Superboy from the noises emanating from the kryptonite phonograph? See? I'm not afraid to ask the big questions around here....

Oh, great. In the future, there's no Earth to speak of, but kids are still going to pester me to buy White Cloverine.

White Cloverine.... the salve of the future. It will make your neighbor's flesh tender when the food is all gone and we resort to cannibalism.

Goodness, I need a vacation....

Here's a prediction of robotics from 1956. I'm not sure what stoking the furnace was, but I have a babysitting machine. I call it "the television."

Was that really a common thing back in 1956? And taking out ashes? No wonder elderly people are so bitter....

Now is the time in which we dance!


Aaron Carine said...

Yeah,if only the poor sods at Hiroshima had been wearing surgical masks,they would have been fine.

If sound waves can't penetrate Superboy's invulnerability,wouldn't that make him deaf?

SallyP said...

With the price of fuel oil, I think we may be going BACK to stoking the furnace!

Anonymous said...

Adam, didn't you just get back from a vacation? Your comments are great, but I had no idea they took that much out of you.

I want to know exactly how they use radium to measure the speed of Earth's ocean currents. This is why writers should never include "science" in their comics.

Gawd, I love the dance moves in that video. I mean the song is awful, but a bunch of besweatered Scandinavians gimping it up in groups... you can't beat that.

Adam Barnett said...

I'm trying to think.... I took a staycation about 4 months ago.... the other "break" was because I had to attend these annual classes to keep my license, so that wasn't really a break.

I think the problem is that it's just so dang hot that it's hard for me to do anything. I know I don't have it nearly as bad as many folks, but it gets stuffy and it's hard for me to get my brain working. We're knocking on 100 degrees out there and it's squeezing my brain.

But not so much that we can't dance!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, I guess I must have been mistaken. I just assume that any time you're not posting you must be out partying it up and loving someone tender, while we here mope about with nothing fun to read.