Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm John McCain, and I Approved this Post Tuesday!

Well, John McCain didn't actually approve this post, but I'm sure he would have if he'd read it. Some right-wing goodness from . . . what else? All-Star Comics #4!:

What do you do with unruly youth?

Why, you make 'em take off their shirts and sing "God Bless America," of course! If there was more of that sort of thing today... well, I'd be seeing more male nipples than I would like (that number being "anything more than zero").

Now, THAT...

.... is one sound sleeper. Not only does Carter sleep through gunshots, but he can sleep through them wearing some of the most uncomfortable-looking headgear in the history of sleepwear.

Yeah! Lincoln and Douglas? Candy-ass pansies, the two of 'em. USA! USA!

Due process? That's for commies and hom'sexuals!

Indeed he is, my good sir. Indeed he is.

Unless by "manhood," you meant..... never mind.


Ms. P said...

Amongst all the manly manly fisticuffs and singing, the one thing that I noticed was that Hawkman sleeps with his mask on!

Hee hee!

Pere Ubu said...

"Make them take their shirts off" my Aunt Fanny. They're doing it willingly!

Is this something we can anticipate from this year's GOP convention - patriotic tearing-off-of-shirts by doughy white guys?

Ew. Now I must go and throw up at that thought.

mwb said...

That was more awesome than any post as a right to be.