Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Head-Scratchin' Wednesday!

From Uncanny X-Men #11, we have the weirdest retort I've heard in some time:

Um.... if we're fighting, how do we both get defeated? Is there some sort of murder-suicide rule I'm not understanding? They don't teach debate at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, do they?

I am a stranger.... far different from any you have ever known.... which kinda goes back to that whole "stranger" thing I said .... so I guess that last part wasn't really necessary... forget I said that last part ..... and fear me!

Poor Stan Lee... just not the greatest dialogue writer who ever picked up a pen.

Hey, let's have some out-of-context dialogue fun from Daredevil v.1 #104!:


And, since we haven't had a Character Hall of Shame in a while, let's do one! From Daredevil v.1 #105:

We can't leave Moondragon out because: (1) She doesn't look good bald, (2) She has a personality that seems designed to suck any interest out of any story any time she appears (3) I don't know if her powers are telepathic or magic, but either one of those bores me silly and (4) while I didn't know this until yesterday, she was originally called "Madame McEvil." Take yer pick, but any one of those will land you in the Character Hall of Shame.


Sea-of-Green said...

Are you sure that out-of-context dialog wasn't actually from Green Arrow-Black Canary? ;-)

Pere Ubu said...

"Madame McEvil"?

uhhhh... yeah. Um.

. . .


SallyP said...

Oh Warren. You may be pretty and all, and have those nice shiny wings, but you really aren't the brightest crayon in the box, are you?

De said...

I thought Madame McEvil was the villain who always tried to steal the McDonalds cheeseburgers. Or was that the Hamburglar?

Gene Phillips said...

Stan shoulda stuck with something along the lines of "If I die, I'll take you with me!"

Then, given how he messed up the classic "only one of us is gonna leave this room walking" line, maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

I've come to like Moon Dragon, though.

Adam Barnett said...

For those of you not in the know, the line Gene is referring to is "Only one of us is going to leave this room walking.... and it won't be me!"

Stan, Stan, Stan....

Anonymous said...

Speaking of classic dialog... "We're the last things you'll meet.. IN THIS LIFE!!!"

I'm glad he clarified that. Because I thought he meant they'd be the last people DD would meet before tea-time!

At least Madame McEvil doesn't leave you with any question as to her affiliation.

SallyP said...

I always wanted to be known as Baroness Von Evilstein, but Madame McEvil is pretty good too.

Gene Phillips said...

I've been enjoying all your older posts, particularly on the late DAREDEVILs, but you missed a sequence that would suit your blog to a T.

It's in the issue after Matt reveals his secret ID to Karen Page.

After Karen recovers from the usual Marvel faint, she thinks that, in addition to Matt keeping his double identity secret, he also lied about being blind.

Matt says, No way; he really is physically blind. He just can perceive all the things around him via the old "radar sense."

And what does Karen the Brilliant do when he tells her all this? After he's told her that the radar sense subs for vision--?


At least I hope I didn't somehow miss you doing that one. That would be embarassing.

Adam Barnett said...

You know, Gene, I had covered some stuff from that issue, and I noticed that she was waiving her hand in front of a blind man's face, but I couldn't tell if she was testing out his radar sense or not. I thought it looked odd and was hoping Matt would show her how well his radar sense worked by smacking her hand away, but Matt was far too senstitive to do such a thing.

Thanks for writing!