Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm a Chauvanist Pig Friday!

More uncomfortable goodness from Uncanny X-Men #1:

Yes, the homos shall bow to the homos and.... wait, that's not what I meant.

Anybody else ever watch What Not to Wear? I have their latest challenge right here...

Not that the fellas aren't encouraging it. Then again, they haven't exactly kept company with a lot of chicks up to this point....

This is why you don't give women powers. They'll think nothing of crushing anyone who stands in their way. And it's not like this was the only time.

We'll always be allies... until we figure out you're mutants, at which point we'll hunt you down like dogs. Until then.... want a beer?

And lastly, more out-of-context shenanigans from Uncanny X-Men #2:


De said...

"Point of no return," eh? Excuse me while I giggle like a 12-year old boy.

Anonymous said...

The way they were drooling over her in that clunky costume...just imagine if Emma Frost had been around then and walked into the room in her White Queen costume! I believe it's safe to say at least half of them would have passed out.

SallyP said...

Real nice of Xavier to let her hold that thing until she almost passes out.

Oh well, it was probably all a part of his "training". Yes. That's it. Training.

Tracer Bullet said...

He should change his codename to "Boot-licking toady." Who was writing this book? Stan Lee or Joe McCarthy?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Boys! I'm in a hurry, theres a 50% off sale!