Thursday, August 7, 2014

Your Happiness Makes Superman Cry

Back to Action Comics, we see another great Silver Age cover.  I believe this one was done by the incredible Carmine Infanto:

But before we take a looky-loo inside the book, let's check out a couple of highlights from the previous issue.  Thusly:

I'm telling you, if I hadn't just changed my avatar, this would be going up there.

One thing besides Bizarro that always leads to a good time in a Superman story:

... Red Kryptonite.

Anyway, back to issue #368:

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?  Well, except for one detail:

Yeah, peace on Earth is one thing, but if it's going to cost Superman his bi-weekly parades in his honor, he's not going to be on board.

And here's a guy getting attacked by a robot:

I have a hard time believing this thing could sneak up on anyone.  But as the caption box clearly shows us, Dave was a man who liked to take risks.

See you tomorrow!


wordsmith said...

Adam, I love your blog and read it every day, but I was wondering where you got the image for your avatar.

Wow, Superman really IS a jerk!

Adam Barnett said...

Thanks for reading, wordsmith! Glad you're here! The avatar, which replaced the U.S. 1 driver that I had up there for years, came from the cover of Action Comics #349! I saw it, and while I enjoyed the U.S.1 avatar, I just couldn't resist it.