Friday, August 15, 2014

A Surprise Saga of the Super-Sons!

Shades of Bob Haney!  We're ending a week with an unexpected story about the Super-Sons!

Wow, that's harsh.  And, I might add, terrible parenting.  You don't effectively cripple the kid just because he's a screw-up.  But Superman isn't really doing this for the greater good.  Nope.  This is what it's really all about:

Yup.  It's all about whose kid is the best.

Yeah, berate the kid.  That'll inspire him to greatness.

My dad used to harp on things ad nauseum like that.  He could chew you out for literally two hours without taking a break for hydration.  When it came to verbal abuse, the man was a marathoner.

Of, for the love of... Could Superman please put a super sock in it?

Normally, I'd get on Bats for being obnoxious, but Superham is being such a colossal ass towards his kid that I'd have a hard time not taking some digs at him as well.  Of course I wouldn't, knowing that it would have just been adding fuel to the fire and giving Supes more cause to rag on his kid, but it would be tempting.

Moving on, it's the first appearance of that costume of Saturn Girl's: 

It was drawn a bit more racy as time wore on, of course.  Interesting thing is that I tried to find out what happened to the designer of the outfit, and I hit a brick wall.   I was hoping I'd be able to ask him what his thoughts were, having come up with such a famous / infamous design.  Maybe someday.

But I'll tell you one thing: It looks terrible on a dude:

There, ladies.  Do you see why you don't see men in the same revealing fashions as women?  Because you end up with that.

Oh, K.Haven Metzger.... wherefore art thou?

See you Monday!


Unknown said...

Wow! I'd forgotten what colossal jerks Supes and Bats were in those Supersons stories! Even for Haney, that is extreme jerk-itude.

Aaron Carine said...

So Bob Haney didn't write this story? In the super-sons stories of his that I read, their fathers didn't show up, except on the opening splash page.

Incidentally, wikipedia says that Haney was notorious for ignoring DC's official continuity.

Shar said...

OMG, I love this blog!

Btw, the last panel you show from the Super-Sons story seems to be Andru's tribute to the very famous cover of Batman #183 (1966):

And as for the elusive K. Haven Metzer, apparently he has posted online, at least he did a few years ago--here's an example from the comicvine forums in which he explains his inspiration for the SG design:


Adam Barnett said...

Neat stuff, Sharon! I've got a lead on Mr. Metzger from another eagle-eyed reader and I'm hoping he'll consent to a full interview. I'll keep everyone posted!

Adam Barnett said...

Aaron, I think Haney may have written it, but I can't find where he's credited. Anyone know for certain? It certainly *reads* like Bob Haney!

Shar said...

The TwoMorrows book "The Best of the Legion Outpost" reprints an essay by Mr. Metzger (from the early 1970s). Hope you can get the scoop, I would love to read what he has to say today about that costume!

The GCD and Mike's dcindexes both credit this Super-Sons story to Robert Kanigher. Seems like a reuniting of the team that worked on the old Wonder Woman and Metal Men comics: Kanigher story with art by Andru & Esposito.


Adam Barnett said...

Great info, Sharon! Thanks!