Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Old and Useless, Comic Book Style!

It's a grab bag of midweek silliness!  Here's a new CMNS meme I like to call ... So to speak. (tm!)

It works like this, courtesy of the cover of Action Comics #386:

... So to speak. (tm!)

Remember yesterday's post that had everyone trying to quit the Legion?  Check out what happens when you have outlived your usefulness and they give you the boot:

Nope.  We're not even going to call you by your Legion name.

We want everything that may remind us that you ever existed gone from our clubhouse.  You are dead to us.

Way harsh.

I've given up on Hydroman.  The stories are bad, but not in a funny way.  Although it did have a moment or two:

Harry's definition of "snappy outfit" and mine vary considerably.

Why the outfit turned to water when Bob did was never explained.

Nor did it explain why he was also able to turn his pistol (which was a regular gun given to him by someone) to water.  I can't work with this.  No more Hydroman.

See you tomorrow!  

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