Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Long Leave the Legion!

I was reading Action Comics #387 and came upon yet another interesting moment in the history of the Legion.  I can't swear to it, but I think this is the first time that they were hit with the 25 member limit.  Why did they comply with it?


... the oldest reason in the world: A tax dodge.

Here's where things get interesting...

People start literally fighting over who gets to quit.

They have a valid point.  Duo Damsel is particularly useless.  2 times 0 is still 0, you know.  That's just basic math.

HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!  "Finger you for dumping."

Sorry.  Moving on:

DANG, that's a lot of people looking to leave.

And frankly, I'm not overly impressed with Karate Kid's leadership abilities here.  He's going to make a staffing decision based on luck of the draw?  Is a Ouija Board not available?

Of course... the person who really should quit is the one who doesn't step up.  I would imagine a lot of legionnaires would have written down Dream Girl's name.  Her only function in the Legion is to put gloom and doom prophecies in your head while you're out fighting for you life.  She really doesn't bring much positive energy to the group.

Karate Kid will accept the first resignation that's handed to him?  Hurry, Princess Projectra!  Give him your resignation!  Use any force necessary to make sure that your resignation is the first one in his hand!

I never realized there was so much dead wood in the Legion.  It's like they were a government agency or something.

So, who leaves?


Yup... Superboy quits, which was surprising.  Basically, he left because Mon-El had identical powers only didn't have the Kryptonite weakness.  Of course, Superboy would be back, but I guess this was the powers that be's experiment to see if the Legion was a popular enough feature without him.

Naturally, we can't miss out on this opportunity to make yet another Super-Statute:

Yeah, if it's one thing they didn't have enough of by the 30th Century, it was statues of Superboy / Superman.  You just can't have enough of those.

See you tomorrow!

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Scipio said...

Forget the Ouija Board;
where was THE PLANETARY CHANCE MACHINE when they needed it?