Monday, August 4, 2014

In Which Superman Takes a Beating While Supergirl Dances and Adam Pontificates about Jell-O

Taking a look at Action Comics #361, which has a nifty Neal Adams cover:

Superman getting smacked around with a couple of shiners is just a bonus.  Neal Adams sure could draw.

Anyway, an alien finds a cloud floating in space and finds that it used to be something that was alive:

Those 3-D printers are really something, aren't they?  But be careful what you make, kids!

See?  You never know what's gonna pop out of the old Easy Bake Oven when you stick a life form in there.  Let this be a lesson to all of us.

And don't you love the Parasite's, "Well, it's his own fault for reviving me" logic?  I bought a chair that broke within a week.  When I took it back to the store, the salesman's first response was, "Sure, it's a shoddy chair... but you bought it."  They aren't in business any more.  And yes, I got my money back.

Hey!  Let's watch Superman take a beating!

That was great.  But then Superman totally cheats.  I refuse to dignify it by showing it.  Instead, let's watch Supergirl do a go-go dance:

There we go!  One thing that's surprisingly rare in comics is when a brand name of a product is mentioned.  That may not be the case now, but back in the day, it just didn't happen.  But here's one that slipped past the editors:

It's not common knowledge, but Jello is actually a trademark.  It's the name brand for a line of products, not the product itself.  What we think of as "Jell-O," which is the proper spelling, is actually a "gelatin" product.  I guess since they misspelled it, they aren't actually referring to "Jell-O," but I don't think that would hold up in an intellectual property dispute.

Yeah, I know.  Things catch my eye and I just run with 'em.

Yeah, she seems nice, friendly, enthusiastic, has good hygiene... who needs that?  I guess it's for comedic effect, but it grinds my gears when people who don't fit the mainstream mold of "attractive" are used to somehow punish characters in stories.  It's rather tasteless.  Let's be better than that.

See you tomorrow! 


Erich said...

It reminds me of Archie Comics' treatment of Big least eventually, Archie realized what jerks they had been and backed off of the "Ha ha, Big Ethel is ugly" jokes.

MarvelX42 said...

Also, why did he not want to go out with Supergirl if she asked him out?